Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy

Croyden the ranger received a mysterioius note, summoning him to a meeting with the promise of revenage against the cruel old criminal, Gaedren Lamm. Eagerly he awaited the requested time, being the first to arrive. Moments after he arrived his buddy Siegfried, an oracle, stumbled in after passing the time with perhaps just one too many tankards of ale. Mcsquizzy, a fellow ranger and ex slave of Gaedrens was the next to appear, pleased to be able to assist in the demise of his evil ex-captor. Another ex slave of Gaedrens, Jo-Jo the rouge silently appeared next to Mcquizzy, lazily cracking his knucles and waiting to spring into action. Phlegm, a druic treesinger and his flower daisy was the last to join the party.

Once the players were gathered around the table, they noticed another cryptic message. The ring leader of their meeting had stepped out and left them with bread and wine. The five would-be compaions spent the time visiting, speculating on who left the note and where Gaedren was.

Soon enough an attractive middle aged Varisian woman with long dark hair enters the room and introduces herself as Zellara. She begins to spin a story of what happened to her and how Gaedren has wronged her. Then she tells the peice of information all have been waiting for….Gaedrens address.

The group is determined to take their fight to him immediately – leaving the house and headnig straight to the docks. Gaedren is holed up in the Old Fishery.

The building is abysmal, the stench of rotton fish and fungus sting the eyes. Orphans are still slaving over vats and troughs. Conditions are so poor in these rooms that as many orphans die to disease as they do to mistreatment at the hands of the thugs. Jo- Jo stealths in and sees a familar sight: Hookshanks, a terrible gnome lashing out at the orphans in anger and abuse. In one silent movement he slits the gnomes throat, his lifeless body falls to the ground in a pool of blood.

One by one the group clears the Old Fishery, collecting loot on their way. Unable to find Gaedren inside the fishery, they place their bet on him being nearby. An old slippery, wooden dock wraps around to an old half sunken barge. Carefully they balance their way across the dock, mindful of the shark swimming in circles around the dock, eyeing the movement closely.

Inside the barge they battle a sly, poisonous spider and Phlegm skillfully harvest the poisons from the spiders massive body.

Finally on the bottom of the boat, they discover another slippery walkway that leads to a wooden door that leads into an understructor below the fisherys landbound half.

In here they find the evil Gaedren Lamm and his hostile pet alligator, Gobblegut. The fight is a long, Gaedren afterall is no pushover. But eventually their youthful age and skill outmatches Gaedrens old frail body.

Justice has been restored, revenge has been taken! The group excitedly searches the room for treasure, in a twisting revelation they find Zellara’s severed head…with the ammount of flies surroudning the box, it’s doubtful this is a recent development….



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