Uncompleted Quests:

1. The Case of the Vanishing Virtuoso – Investigate the case of the missing person
Deyanira Mirukova – Female (Friendly)(Alive)

Completed Quests:

1. Revenge on Gaedren – Old Fishery – Success
Zellara – Female ? (Friendly) (Ghost)
Gaedren Lamm – Male old human expert/rogue (Hostile)(Deceased)
Yargin Balko – Male human expert (Hostile)(Deceased)
Hookshack Gruller – Male gnome rogue (Hostile)(Deceased)
Giggles – Male half-orc fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)

2. Return to Zellara’s Shack – Zellara’s Shack – Zellara Ghost (Hostile)(Deceased) – Success
Grau Soldado – Male human rogue/fighter (Friendly)(Alive)

3. Investigate Brooch – Success
Sabina Merrin – Female human fighter (Friendly)(Alive)
Queen Ileosa Arvanxi (Friendly)(Alive)
Field Marshall Cressida Kroft (Friendly)(Alive)
Vencarlo Orisini (Friendly)(Alive)

4. Renegade Guards – All the World’s Meat – Success
Verik Vancaskerkin Male human fighter (Hostile)(Captured)
Baldrago – Male human fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)
Malder – Male human fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)
Karralo – Male human fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)
Parns – Male human fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)

5. Audience with the King of Spiders – Els End – Success
Devargo Barvasi – Male human rogue (Hostile)(Deceased)

6. Queens Scapegoat – Midland Flats – (Protected Custidy) – Success
Trinia Sabor – Female human bard (Friendly)(Alive)

7. Retrieve Skar-Quah Body – Dead Warrens – Skar-Quah (Deceased)(Retrieved) – Success
Thousand Bones – (Indifferent)(Alive)
Cabbagehead – Male ogrekin human fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)
Vreeg – Male derro necromancer- (Hostile)(Deceased)

8. A Family in Need – Trails End – Curing the Blood Veil victim- Success
Tayce – Female human commoner – Washerwomen (Friendly)(Alive)
Brienna – Female Maid (Friendly)(Alive) – Cured from the illness Blood Viel
Charlo – Male Apprentice Wheelwright (Friendly)(Alive)
Rello – Male Apprentice Wheelwright (Friendly)(Alive)
Ishani Dhatri – Male human cleric (Friendly)(Alive) – acolyte of the Bank of Abadar

9. A Damsel in Distress – Ensure painter-turned-scapegoat’s safety – Success
Trinia Sabor – Female human bard (Friendly)(Alive)
Vencarlo Orisini (Friendly)(Alive)

10. The Grand Vault of Abadar – Success
Darb Tuttle – Male human cleric (Indifferent)(Alive) – Archbanker
Ishani Dhatri – Male human cleric (Friendly)(Alive) – acolyte of the Bank of Abadar

11. Meeting Dr Davaulus and the Queen’s Physicians – Citadel Volshyenek – Success
Ishani Dhatri – Male human cleric (Friendly)(Alive) – acolyte of the Bank of Abadar
Field Marshall Cressida Kroft (Friendly)(Alive)
Dr. Reiner Davaulus Male (Friendly)(Alive)
Gray Maiden (Indifferent)(Group) – Queen’s Elite Force

12. The Hungry Dead – Investigate lazy plague carters – Racker’s Alley – Success
Vampire Spawns – (Destroyed)

13. The Color of Death – Investigate claims of a cure for Blood Veil – Summoning Street – Success
Vendra Loaggri – Female human expert/rogue (Hostile)(Deceased)

14. Plague Rats – Assisting wererat – Sewer Tunnels – Success
Eries Yelloweyes – Female wererat (Friendly)(Alive)
Girrigz – Male wererat fighter (Hostile)(Deceased)

15. The Wreck of the Direption – Investigate the wreck of the Direption – Success
Yvicca – Female sea hag druid (Hostile)(Deceased)


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