Curse of the Crimson Throne

A City Gone Mad...

Upon returning from the depths of the wretched fishery, the group (who really needs a name) was shocked to see the city that they love in turmoil. Riots and angry mobs are everywhere, making the streets to crowd to walk through. Imps and pseudodragons battle overhead, mad prophets are on every street corner declaring “The END IS NEAR!”
It does not take long for the group to discover the reason behind the madness, King Eodred II is dead. Indeed, it is a sad day for Korvosa.
The group is stuck. Reluctant to return to Zellara’s and unable to sell any loot with the riots happening, they inspect the silver brooch. After asking around they discover it belongs to the queen. With nowhere else to go, they make their way to Castle Korvosa, to return the brooch.
After an interesting discussion with the queen they are ushered to Citadel Korvosa to meet with Field Marshall, Cressida Kroft.
As they left the castle the streets had quieted, yet the tension in the air was electric. Marshall Law is declared and Hellknights, the Sable Company, and the Korvosan Guard.
Kroft is a pleasant yet blunt director. Seeing that her plate was full, the group quickly accepted to help her find a missing guard who had gone rouge and was in danger of upsetting the minimum amount of balance that had been regained.
The party was able to track down Verik Vancaskerkin at a meat store. A sign bearing the image of a fat, smiling cow hangs above the entrance and read “All the World’s Meat”
After asking around the group found out that the store handed out free meat to anyone who walked into the store and looked like they needed it. They also learned that were they to ask for “the night’s special cuts” the thugs on the main floor would hire themselves out as mercenaries.
The group, sensing something wrong – quickly discovered the meat was human. The thugs were no match for the group, and they quickly made their way to through the store. Verik was on the top floor of the store and quietly surrendered when he realized what his thugs were up to.



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